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Potbelly Sandwich Shop, College Park MD

Potbelly Sandwich Shop serves up delicious toasted subs and amazing milkshakes. With locations in 30 states, there’s likely a location near you. Earlier this month, I was in Maryland visiting family and friends. I go every summer, as my final relax/rewind/recharge before the insanity of football season hits. The first game isn’t until Labor Day, …

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Boomarang Diner, Stillwater OK

Sometimes all you need is some solid diner fare. Boomarang Diner in Stillwater OK hits that spot. “It’s not fast food, it’s good food fast” About a month ago, I had a completely free Saturday, so I went to Guthrie to hit the thrift/antique shops. Guthrie is about 25 minutes from Stillwater, and was the first capital of the …

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Brio Tuscan Grille, Houston, TX

Once again, I’ve failed miserably on updating the food blog.  However, this time I have a valid excuse.  Once August hits, my life gets absolutely insanely nuts getting ready for football season.  And for some reason this year was worse.  It shouldn’t have been, because we had 2 more weeks before the first home game….but …

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