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Interurban Restaurant, Edmond OK

Ever since I got involved with the Creative Bloggers Network, I’ve been trying to upgrade my blog.  I still have a LONG way to go, since many of my colleagues do this for a living.  And mine is just a side job…for now.  I recently went back through every post, double-checking links, updating pictures, etc.  And when I  came across Interurban Restaurant I realized it was definitely wasn’t a good effort.  I completely forgot to take any pictures, and the post was relatively short and uninspired.  So since I had an appointment in Edmond yesterday, I decided to fix that by going back.

I’ve been to Interurban numerous times, usually to the Norman location as I’m driving down to Dallas.  And I’m usually wearing blazing orange.  Not on purpose, it just happens. I sure hope they haven’t spit in my food because of it.  Why would they spit in my food? Because Oklahoma State is blazing orange, and U of Oklahoma is in Norman. And we’re bitter rivals.  I don’t have nearly the same level of hate because I didn’t go to OSU.  But I do understand it.

The Norman location is upscale casual, whereas the Edmond location has a more sports bar feel.  It’s located in a strip mall, and the restaurant itself is pretty big.  There’s an outdoor patio in front, with a few tables.  As you walk inside, the host stand is straight ahead.  You could see the large kitchen behind the host stand. To the right and up a couple of steps is a good sized bar area. To the left of the host stand and up a couple of steps is seating area where I was.  All of the seating is a mix of tables and booths, and I was at 2-seater booth. There’s a bunch more seating on the same level as the host stand. I arrived at 11:20am, so there were only a few tables there.  By the time I was leaving the restaurant was over half full…and getting more crowded.

We so need one of these in Stillwater.  If they can have locations in Ardmore and Duncan, then there’s absolutely no excuse not have one in Stillwater.  I’ve been to the Ardmore location, but I wasn’t super impressed. And there was OU memorabilia everywhere the eye could see. So I probably won’t be going back to that one.  And what’s funny, is the Norman location doesn’t have any OU memorabilia at all.

I thought it was interesting they included a drink menu.  At 11:20AM.  On a Monday.  I’m guessing they do that every time customers are seated, but still.  It seemed kind of odd.

Interurban has a very broad menu.  They cover burgers, salads, steak, sandwiches, Best Mex, pasta, and pizza. And they’ve also got some lighter portions that are 600 calories or less. So if you want it, they’re most likely going to have it.

All of the Mexican dishes come with chips & salsa to start

Interurban, OKC - Karyl's Kulinary Krusade

The chips are corn tortilla chips. Thicker cut than most places.  The flavor is a little different, but really delicious.  I have to say, I’m not a fan of the salsa.  It’s very runny and doesn’t have much flavor at all.  I saw pepper flakes in there, but I couldn’t even tell when I tasted it. Very disappointing.  I ordered a side of guacamole as well, hoping for a better outcome

Interurban, OKC - Karyl's Kulinary Krusade

This completely, 100% made up for the salsa.  This guacamole was excellent.  Chunky, freshly made, and really flavorful.  I think there was a spice in there, but I can’t figure out what it was. Next time I will just skip the salsa completely

In keeping with my new healthier-choices-when-dining-out kick, I decided to go with Brett’s fish tacos

Interurban, OKC - Karyl's Kulinary Krusade

Wow, these were amazing.  So much flavor in every bite.  The fish has a definite kick from the blackening, but it’s not overpowering.  The pineapple salsa was excellent, and added a great sweet bite.  The avocado, salsa and Bistro sauce lent a great cooling touch to the tacos. The borracho beans were really good as well.  The only reason I didn’t finish them is because I was determined to finish the guacamole.  And it was a pretty good-sized portion.

I will definitely be going back.  When I  first sat down, the table next to me had gotten fajitas, and they smelled amazing.  So that is next on my list to try.  Guacamole of course, no salsa.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.