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The Shack Seafood & Oyster Bar, Oklahoma City, OK

One of the major perks of my job is getting to know so many wonderful people. From suiteholders to club seat holders to the “regular” fan, it’s been an awesome experience. When I deliver suite tickets, it runs the gamut; I’ll go from dropping them off at the front desk to spending up to an hour with the suiteholder, just talking about life and OSU. Sometimes, that also includes a meal.  Rather than meeting one of the suiteholders at his office, we decided to meet for lunch.  He suggested The Shack Seafood & Oyster Bar.

I’ve mentioned it on this blog several times, but I’m not a huge fan of seafood in a landlocked state.  I refused to eat seafood for the first year I lived here.  I’ve since branched out, but I’m still careful.  Mike said it was really good, and had a Cajun flair, so I decided to give it a shot.

This place was packed when I arrived, which was a good sign.  I pulled the door and it didn’t open…and I was confused because it was noon and there were people inside…then I read the sign right on the door that said “pull door hard”.  I complied, and the door opened.  Go figure.

From the outside, the building looks like an old, dated, falling apart building. Hence the name The Shack.  On the inside it looks like a regular seafood restaurant, with wood walls and tables, really high ceilings, and lots of ocean/beach decorations and memorabilia.

We started with fried pickles.  Mike had never had them before, and they’re one of my favorite appetizers.

The Shack, OKC - Karyl's Kulinary Krusade

They were thin sliced, not heavily fried, and really delicious.  A little saltier than I would have liked, but the ranch toned that down.

Per usual, I had a horrible time deciding what to get.  Part of that was my seafood hesitation.  Mike and I both went back and forth on whether to be healthy or not. I finally decided on the fried stuffed shrimp, and Mike got the fried crawfish.  So much for healthy.

The Shack, OKC - Karyl's Kulinary Krusade

These were actually really good!  A little too much breading, but that was the only negative.  The shrimp were huge and there were 5 of them.  I made it through 3 1/2 before I couldn’t do any more.  The chips were hot and fresh and delicious.

Mike got the fried crawfish with dirty rice

The Shack, OKC - Karyl's Kulinary Krusade

I tried a bite of both, and they were both really good.  The rice had a ton of flavor.

Does this change my attitude about seafood out here in the Midwest? Not necessarily. I’m still very wary, and will probably still skip over the seafood portion of most menus. But at higher end restaurants, or when I know they fly in the fish regularly, I’ll do it.

Will I go back?  Definitely.  There were a lot of other items on the menu that I’d love to try. And I want to get something on the grilled or sauteed side.  And I saw that they have Saturday & Sunday brunch, with mimosa specials.  Can’t beat that.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.